IPS passed resolution #8020

Last week, the IPS Board of Commissioners passed resolution #8020, which calls on the district administration to deliver a plan in August for cultivating schools with a track record of success. While parents and supporters pushed for additional changes to the resolution to focus on improving results for Black and Brown students specifically, the board ultimately decided not to include those changes. 

Advocacy is the art of compromise, so despite not getting 100% of what Stand parents wanted, the resolution still should result in a plan for IPS to engage and grow data-proven schools. And there’s no doubt parent advocates and supporters helped make this happen. In fact, according to IPS commissioners, resolution #8020 was in direct response to the parent-led petition delivered in February.

While we celebrate and thank the IPS board for acting on #8020, we need to get ready for the next phase – and that’s ensuring the plan delivered to the IPS board in August specifies data-proven schools of all types that are closing the opportunity gap for children of color.  

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