All IPS kids can achieve

All IPS kids can achieve if they are given the right supports, which is why I am asking you to add your name to this petition to IPS leaders. Parents like me submitted a plan for a more just and equitable IPS to district leaders back in March and your signature will help us gather enough support to show the board they need to act now.

I believe:

  • IPS needs to set clear expectations for student attainment in their 2025 strategic plan that address the barriers standing in the way of universal and unbiased student success;
  • The district should grow schools and programs that have dramatically improved results for children of color and traditionally underserved students;
  • All schools within IPS should be funded equitably, including the distribution of public referendum dollars;
  • There should be a clear goal set to increase the number of teachers who reflect the diverse student population;
  • A language justice policy should be established that supports and celebrates parents and children with language differences; and
  • The board should publicly review if the millions of dollars being spent on police in schools would be better used to address the social and emotional health of students.

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