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In this current moment, LGBTQ students are facing increasingly escalating legal, social, and even physical attacks from extreme political actors. We, as education advocates, must use our voices and platforms to uplift and center the voices and stories of LGBTQ students and young people. In 2022, we sat down with 2022 Stand for Children Oregon Beat the Odds Scholarship winner and then high school senior Teryn to discuss what pride means to them. We want to revisit their story as we continue to work to support the safety and inclusion of every student.

Q: Do you feel like LGBT+ students are celebrated in your school? 

Actually yes!! At my school we had a huge Pride celebration! my school’s GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) put it on, they included the middle schools and even had a LGBT staff/ community member panel to ask questions and interact with beforehand. The celebration was held on the football field, and as you walked under this giant rainbow inflatable archway, you got a name tag to put your name and pronouns on. There was a clothing exchange, local artists showcasing and selling their work, drag queens getting ready and preforming, community resources, food trucks, you name it! It was such an incredible event, and it was all put on by the lovely advisors of our GSA.

Q: What is a message you think parents, teachers, and other adults need to hear from LGBT students?

We want you to listen without judgement, and we don’t want your critique. You may have misconceptions from something you learned in your past, but times are changing, and I please ask you to consider change as good, we are growing human beings, and we just want love and acceptance the same as any other human does. 

Q: What is a message you would share with a young LGBT student who is just coming into their identity?

  1. Keep growing with yourself and your brain, not against it. 
  2. Trust your instinct.
  4. Gender is a spectrum; you can shift and change how you feel within your own identity! 
  5. Remember that you are not alone in this journey & there are so many queer kids on this earth having a journey together. Also not to mention every single badass queer person that has walked before us!
  6. You do not have to come out when you’re not ready! Coming out is a unique experience for everyone, no rush. Your experience and life are at your own pace.  

Whether its fighting for freedom from physical and emotional harm, or ensuring every child feels welcomed and included in the classroom, student safety is the core of our mission at Stand for Children. Stay informed and find ways to get involved with our work supporting student safety in and out of the classroom by joining us, here.


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  • Costos de programas de asesoramiento, tratamiento o educación para padres/tutores ordenados por la corte
  • Cargos de supervisión de la libertad condicional
  • Gastos de atención médica o programas educativos durante la custodia, internamiento o detención
  • Costo de los programas de asesoramiento familiar, programas alternativos basados en la comunidad, programas de tratamiento o programas de desviación
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NOTA: La restitución juvenil no pagada y las multas juveniles no pueden ser canceladas.

Debe pedirle a la corte donde se escuchó su caso que anule sus cuotas juveniles impagas completando una petición

  • Alguien con honorarios adeudados de un caso juvenil anterior  
  • Un padre o tutor, para su hijo con un caso de menor  
  • Un padre o tutor, por sí mismo, si debe honorarios como parte del caso de su hijo 

El formulario de petición puede ser completado por usted o por su abogado. No necesita tener un abogado para completar el formulario. 

Debe presentar una petición por cada caso en el que desee que se anulen las cuotas impagas. Necesitará su número de caso, que puede encontrar en su documentación del caso, o puede llamar a la corte donde se escuchó el caso para pedir su número de caso.  

Debe presentar la petición en el condado donde se escuchó el caso de menores. Presente el formulario original ante el secretario de la corte y una copia ante el abogado del condado o de la ciudad. No hay que pagar para presentar la petición.  

Haga clic aquí para obtener el formulario de petición. Puede usar este formulario

Enlaces e información de contacto:  

Sitio web de la Corte Suprema de Arizona sobre la anulación de las cuotas juveniles  

Información de contacto de la Secretaria del Condado 

Condado Número de teléfono del secretario del Tribunal Superior  
Apache (928) 337-7550 
Cochise 520) 432-8600 (Bisbee) y (520) 803-3060 (Sierra Vista) 
Coconino (928) 679-7600 
Gila (928) 402-8866 (Globe) y (928) 474-3978 (Payson) 
Graham (928) 428-3100 
Greenlee (928) 865-4242 
La Paz (928) 669-6131 
Maricopa (602) 372-5375 
Mohave (928) 753-0713 (Kingman), (928) 453-0701 (Lake Havasu City) y (928) 758-0730 (Bullhead City) 
Navajo (928) 524-4188 
Pima (520) 724-4200 
Pinal (520) 866-5300 
Santa Cruz (520) 375-7700 
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Yuma (928) 817-4222 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stand for Children and Amira Learning Join Forces to Achieve Breakthrough Early Literacy Progress


Stand for Children and Amira Learning Join Forces to Achieve Breakthrough Early Literacy Progress

[Portland, Oregon] — Stand for Children, a leading national nonprofit committed to education equity and racial justice, and Amira Learning, an innovative education technology company focused on improving literacy outcomes for students, are proud to announce a powerful strategic partnership.

This groundbreaking collaboration’s aim is audacious: boost the early literacy education of millions of K-6 students, with multilingual learners and students experiencing poverty receiving the greatest benefit.

By combining Stand for Children’s early-grade literacy expertise and significant state presence with Amira Learning’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and already significant reach, the partnership seeks to address the critical need to provide high impact, personalized early literacy tutoring for students while teachers work with their peers in small groups.

Jonah Edelman, CEO and Co-Founder of Stand for Children, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Amira Learning’s impact on students’ early literacy development already far surpasses their comparators, and their visionary, mission-driven leadership is relentlessly focused on how to achieve the next level of progress. We are excited to be able to help Amira — which leverages state-of-the-art technology to provide unparalleled personalized and effective literacy instruction to nearly two million students — to substantially increase their impact and reach.”

Mark Angel, CEO and Co-Founder of Amira Learning, echoed Edelman’s sentiments, emphasizing the significance of early literacy in a child’s educational journey. Angel remarked, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Stand for Children to advance our mission of empowering educators and improving literacy outcomes for students. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we can tailor instruction to meet the individual needs of each student, ultimately fostering a lifelong love of reading and learning.”

Through this partnership, Amira Learning will implement a host of strategic enhancements to the Amira literacy tutoring program recommended by internationally renowned early literacy expert Dr. Nell Duke, who leads Stand for Children’s Center for Early Literacy Success. Dr. Duke will serve as Amira Learning’s Principal Research Advisor to ensure the platform stays current with early literacy research.  The enhancements will increase reading comprehension impact and students’ motivation and persistence in reading. “By implementing Dr. Duke’s research-based recommendations, we expect to see even higher effect sizes for all students, English Learners, and low-income students as a result. We could not be more excited about increasing our impact just as we are expanding our reach,” Mark Angel noted.

In addition, Stand for Children will expand access to Amira’s high quality early literacy tools by purchasing and distributing 45,000 Amira licenses to partner school districts in states where Stand for Children operates. “Our focus will be to partner with schools that serve a significant number of students from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups and that are committed to ensuring consistently high student utilization of Amira Learning, which translates into major early literacy gains,” said Edelman.

Stand is a unique catalyst for education equity and racial justice to create a brighter future for us all. Through its Center for Early Literacy Success, Stand helps schools that meet conditions for readiness to achieve breakthrough early literacy gains. The Center is led by renowned early literacy expert Dr. Nell Duke, whose projects include co-leading the development of the Great First Eight Curriculum, a groundbreaking, free open educational resource (OER) curriculum for children from infants through second grade. Great First Eight is comprehensive, fully research- and standards-aligned, and continually improved as new research is published. Learn more at GreatFirstEight.org.

Amira was created to couple the Science of Reading (SoR) with AI, giving every child a pathway to the power of reading. Amira was born in academia, is delivering accelerated growth by reflecting the guidance of leading reading scientists, and is rapidly evolving to reflect the latest Science of Reading research. Amira’s Intelligent Tutor software listens to students read out loud, identifies their skill gaps and delivers 1:1 personalized tutoring.   Each word that students read with Amira is a formative assessment, enabling the software to provide actionable insight to teachers. As students read, Amira provides scaffolding and instruction in real time, delivering explicit and systematic science of reading instruction. Research and empirical evidence demonstrate Amira’s effectiveness in accelerating reading fluency and comprehension beyond that of other leading EdTech applications.

For more information about Stand for Children and Amira Learning, please visit www.stand.org and www.amiralearning.com.


Jennifer Warner

Executive, Organizing and Campaigns

[email protected]



The story of an Air Force veteran, the impact of military recruitment in public schools, and imagining alternate paths for class mobility.

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As a Mexican American growing up in a white, working-class community in northern California, Air Force veteran, Christina experienced a familiar, painful brand of everyday racism. From her peers checking to see if she had beans with every meal, to the comments about how her parents crossed the river to get here.

Looking back at high school, Christina notes the deep impact that the ingrained structural racism of the K-12 system had on her.  She was thrilled to make the cutoff grade for an Honors English class until she found out the following fall that she’d been removed from the class, while at least one peer shared with her how his parents demanded he be included in the course, even though he had not made the grade cutoff.  She was left behind, demoralized and losing her motivation to work hard in school.

“I ended up failing the first semester and having to do night school in order to graduate on time. It was a reality check for me about my actual place in the world.”

While Christina had always seen education as her pathway out of poverty, intending to go to a four-year college, instead she found herself enrolled in community college feeling that she had no way to pick herself up and move forward.

“Those couple of years post-high school I was stalled, not making the progress I wanted to make because I was ambitious and just didn’t have a way to get myself anywhere, which is ultimately how I ended up enlisted in the military.”

Christina’s story is a common one among veterans. For many, the military has served as a pathway towards education and financial stability that would not have been otherwise possible in the communities they come from. Joining the military can provide young people from unstable backgrounds a catalyst toward a solid upward path of increasing financial sustainability.

Over the last 20 years, Americans across the country have seen their wages stagnate, as prices for necessities like food, housing, and utilities continue to rise. The one group of Americans (outside of the top 1%) who have been exempt from this stagnation are military families.  This makes the military seem particularly appealing to young people from resource deprived neighborhoods growing up in uncertain times.

Since the era of all-volunteer forces began at the end of the Vietnam war, recruitment has become increasingly important to maintaining the 1.4 million person active duty force. Beginning in 2001, any school that receives federal funding is required under the No Child Left Behind Act to provide the Pentagon data on all students in 11th and 12th grades, as well as grant recruiters access to their campus. That data includes their names, phone numbers, email addresses, ethnicities, and other identifying information.

Parents do have a right to opt out of the data-sharing, but busy parents in working class communities often don’t know it’s happening, let alone how to opt out. That disproportionately effects rural students, low-income students, and students of color. While the benefits of military service helped Christina achieve her higher education dreams and a solid middle-class lifestyle, there is no denying that military service is a risky gamble.

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“In the more affluent communities, they know that their kids aren’t going to need that [class mobility] and they don’t want to put their kids’ lives in danger. There’s an understanding of what the military is and what it does.

Whereas in poorer communities, it’s seen as a leg up. It’s free education. It’s a career opportunity. It’s job training, it’s serving your country, it’s honorable. It’s a completely different perception of what the military is and what it can do for you. And it’s a worthwhile tradeoff for somebody coming from a poor community.”

What is most troubling about this is that if moving our society towards an equitable and peaceful future is the goal, that goal necessitates other ways of moving people out of poverty besides military enlistment or student debt.

We know from looking at the relatively recent past that this is possible. Other US departments, outside of the Department of Defense have had a similar class-mobility effect. One notable example is the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) created as a part of the New Deal in response to the Great Depression.

Under the Department of the Interior and Agriculture, more than three million men were employed to fight forest fires, plant trees, clear and maintain access roads, re-seed grazing lands and implement soil-erosion controls. Despite only being one such jobs programs in the New Deal, it employed more people than the entire US active-duty military, pulling them out of devastating levels of poverty.

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We know it is possible to lift marginalized communities out of poverty without sending 17-year-olds to war. If we want to build a world where every student, no matter their background, can make decisions without fearing for their financial security, we have to start to dream bigger.

“The military was a gamble that paid off for me and I’m grateful for where I am. But people need to recognize systemically why this gamble even exists.”

Christina believes all students should have safe, healthy pathways to higher education and out of poverty, and her work at Stand is helping develop those pathways.  “I hope that today’s graduates feel like they have a choice.”

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CARE is a set of tools to help educators see what antiracist teaching looks like, hone their own practice, and analyze classroom resources.

While most educators want to address race and racism in schools and classrooms, they lack the necessary tools and skills.

CARE’s mission is to advance antiracist curriculum and equip antiracist educations. These tools are created to advance antiracist curriculum and equip antiracist educators.

CARE Principles

CARE Principle Humanity
CARE Principles Historical Truths
CARE Principles Critical Consciousness
CARE Principles Race and Racism
CARE Principles Just Systems

Like so many before us, we look to a future where the promise of equality is upheld for everyone. We understand that keeping the promise means working together to overturn the long legacy of racism that has limited opportunity for many. We recognize we’re not yet there, and we believe, along with Nelson Mandela, “That education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” What and how children learn – in the curriculum and in how they are taught – can lead to that more equal and just future.

CARE Framework

The CARE Framework recognizes the need for a clear understanding of what it means to be an antiracist educator providing guidance and support for aspiring antiracist educators and leaders through professional learning.

Download your personal copy of the CARE Framework along with the complimentary resources.

CARE Principles

Like so many before us, we look to a future where the promise of equality is upheld for everyone. What and how children learn – in the curriculum and in how they are taught – can lead to that more equal and just future. That future depends on antiracist educators with access to high-quality materials who are committed to their own learning.

Affirm the dignity and humanity of all people.
historical truths.
Develop a critical consciousness.
Recognize race and confront racism.
just systems.

Apply the CARE Principles to Classroom Content

The materials teachers use with students — read-alouds, videos, textbooks, websites — don’t come with labels that indicate whether they’re antiracist. Figuring that out is the work of educators. It’s not easy to do, because it often means looking for what’s not included or learning to see the content from a different perspective.

CARE’s rubric and exemplars will help you learn to analyze content either alone or with peers in your PLC.

CARE Exemplars

CARE Exemplars were developed by a team of expert classrooms teachers who analyzed a range of student resources using the CARE Rubric. These Models can help educators apply the CARE Principles to the curriculum they were with students.

Your Standoscope: Gemini Season

We’re officially in Gemini season which means it’s time to recharge, get outside of your comfort zone, and embrace curiosity!  

This season also marks the end of the school year, so take time to reflect on the last few months – What were some highs? Did you experience any challenges? In what ways were you involved? Are there any opportunities you would be interested in pursuing in the next school year? Let us know in the comments below!

Find learning and action opportunities this Gemini Season that align with your sign to make a positive impact your community!

Aries ♈︎

Aries ruling planet, Mars, is currently in fiery Leo, inspiring a passionate and creative atmosphere. This is a great opportunity to get creative and share your story of why education matters to you!

Taurus ♉︎ 

Mars is in Leo making a square with Jupiter in Taurus, which may inspire you to make big changes. The moon is also joining Uranus in Taurus, which can push you to take a risk! Learn some tips from a Chicago mom and activist on how you can make big changes in your community.

Gemini ♊︎

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Mars in Leo is square with Jupiter in Taurus, which could push you to make great strides toward a collective goal! Team up with fellow education champions in our monthly State Intelligence Briefing Call to work towards our collective goal of equitable education for all!

Leo ♌︎

Mars is in Leo, increasing your courage! Be bold and use your voice to stand up for equity in classrooms!

Virgo ♍︎

Mars in Leo is forming a square with Jupiter in down-to-earth Taurus, which could find you having a big breakthrough. New opportunities may arise. Keep up-to-date with events and learning opportunities and find new ways to get involved with the fight for equitable education!

Libra ♎︎

Mars in Leo has formed a square with Jupiter in Taurus, which could propel you and others you’re working with to make great progress toward your goals. Our monthly State Intelligence Briefing Call is the perfect place to find a community of other educational champions to join you!

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Your ruling planet Mars is in Leo and is opposing Jupiter in Taurus, which open opportunities for you and a romantic or business partner to making big changes! Learn from a Chicago mom and activist how you can make big changes in your community!

Sagittarius ♐︎

Mars is in fiery Leo, which may inspire you to be adventurous! Keep up-to-date with events and learning opportunities and find new ways to get involved with the fight for equitable education!

Capricorn ♑︎

Mars in Leo is forming a squares with Jupiter in earthy Taurus, creating an air of both passion and productivity. Channel that passion and use your voice to stand up for equity in classrooms!

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Mars in your opposite sign or polarity, Leo. Leo is forming a square with Jupiter in down-to-earth Taurus, pushing out blockages and making room for something new. Keep up-to-date with events and learning opportunities and find new ways to get involved with the fight for equitable education!

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Mars in Leo is in opposition to Jupiter in Taurus, which may lead to you making some needed changes in your daily routine. Find new ways to get involved in your local schools!

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Help us by sharing your experience learning about Black history in school. You can share your story by using our written story collection tool or record a quick video about your experiences using our video collection tool!

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