Black history year round

Oftentimes, students only learn about Black history in February. For the rest of the year, Black people are missing in textbooks and lesson plans. With ongoing attacks against African American studies in schools, this campaign aims to show why teaching... read more

Q&A: Where DACA Stands & How we Can Help

In August of this year, Ashley Dominguez Garcia provided an update on the standing of DACA, Stand Up For DREAMers: An Update on DACA, which highlighted organizations such as that are working to get the program reinstated and to... read more

Stand Up for DREAMers: An Update on DACA

The future of DACA is once again left in limbo. Earlier in July, a federal appeals court in New Orleans heard arguments on the legality of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). This decision, which will most likely... read more

Stand Up For Our Students: Why I Ran For School Board

I ran for the school board in Pleasantville because I believe all children deserve to receive the best educational and emotional support. I’m a mother of three students who currently attend Pleasantville public schools, and my fourth child will be... read more

Together We Win: A School Board Victory in Croydon

We needed 283 votes to save our school. Little Red is a K-4 school, the only school in Croydon. The older students are allowed to choose one of the nearby middle and high schools to attend, and our district covers... read more

What’s Scary About Teaching Black History?

Black History Month has always had its detractors. Since its widespread emergence in America's schools in the 1970s, there have been people scattered across the country who despise that children in their communities have a designated opportunity to learn about... read more

Locking Kids Up Isn’t the Answer

I was 10 years old when I had my first encounter with the police. By 11, I was locked in a juvenile detention center for the first time. My adolescence was spent in and out of the system, and when... read more

3 in 10 Teachers Say They May Quit This Year

With all that public school teachers have endured these past two years, you would hope that politicians would be doing whatever possible to provide more support and encouragement. Instead, in many places across the U.S., teachers are under attack. Recent public... read more

What Stand Will Be Fighting for in 2022

Reflecting on 2021, I see reasons for hope. The widespread availability of vaccines. A return to in-person learning. An economy that rebounded with record speed due to bold government action. At the same time, there is cause for grave concern.... read more

I’m Glad Things Have Changed

I go to a small high school in a rural town in Washington. Most of my peers — about 85% — are white. When I get the opportunity to learn about Black history — when I hear about Maya Angelou... read more