Oftentimes, students only learn about Black history in February. For the rest of the year, Black people are missing in textbooks and lesson plans. With ongoing attacks against African American studies in schools, this campaign aims to show why teaching Black history to students is vital to their understanding of the world.

Help us by sharing your experience learning about Black history in school. You can share your story by using our written story collection tool or record a quick video about your experiences using our video collection tool!

We encourage you all to utilize your networks and post your stories on social media, tagging us (@Stand4Children on Twitter) and using the hashtag #BlackHistoryYearRound. Share your story to help us amplify the importance of #BlackHistoryYearRound!


  1. As an ELA and Social Studies educator in Texas, I have made it my mission for 12 years to ensure all of my students are equally represented in what they read and learn.
    I have designed comprehensive units around the American Civil Rights Movement and the Holocaust that get students interested and caring about one another through history. I not only teach black history year round, but I expose all children in my class to events in history they should know about and don’t. The result is always the same: our classroom grows as a culture in empathy.
    Texas legislatures and school board members are now trying to stop myself and other educators from doing this with extremist laws, threats, and book bans. I spent the last 2 weeks going door to door in my neighborhood, writing postcards, and putting out signs to raise awareness for the most recent school board election.
    I am so proud to say that all 3 seats were won by members of the community that are not radicals and will support teachers in teaching history to all children. It is a tiny chip in a bit problem, but I am fighting the good fight!

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