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Stand and Community Parents lobby for better English Education progras


 On this past Tuesday 21st, Stand for Children along with its members and Oregon Alliance for Education Equity (OAEE) headed down to Salem to lobby for better English Education. In this opportunity, Stand members were able to express the needs of their community, meet their representatives, and advocate for a better English Language Learners (ELL) education that spans to over 55.00 thousands students in Oregon.

More parents of English learners speak up about their experience in Oregon schools


Marcelina Torres is a proud mother of four children. With near a decade interfacing with the public school system, she has learned how to deal with the frustrations of being a parent with children in ELL classes. After years of slow progress in ELL classes, decreased time in other academic subjects and separation from native English speaker students, she requested that the school re-evaluate her children. She suspected they might have learning disabilities.

Stand for Children Oregon Farewell to Rob Saxton, Oregon Schools Chief


In 2011, Stand for Children Oregon lobbied to pass legislation that would make the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction an appointed position rather than elected. The goal of the legislation was clear - attract an educator, a visionary and someone highly focused on student achievement. As the state’s first appointed Deputy Superintendent, Rob Saxton has far exceeded our expectations. It is with deep appreciation that we acknowledge his years of service to Oregon’s students.

What is the personal income tax kicker?


Oregon’s “kicker” law prevents us from saving during good times—leaving the state with nothing to fall back on during recessions. In Oregon, our state budget is based on predictions made by the State Economist. He makes predictions on a biannual (2-year) basis. If the actual revenue received by the state exceeds his prediction by 2% or more, all unanticipated revenue has to be returned, or “kicked back” to taxpayers.



Yesterday, the Oregon House voted to approve HB 5017, which sets the K-12 state school fund at a floor of $7.235 and provides an additional $20 million in targeted investments. This legislation fulfills the state’s commitment to pay for full-day kindergarten programs, provide funding for districts to better support English language learners, and ensure children in low-income families have access to a free school lunch.

Maria Delgado shares her personal story as a Spanish-speaking parent in Oregon


Yesterday, parent leader Maria Delgado testified before the House Education Committee in support of the bill to improve support for English language learners. This is one of our priority bills on our legislative agendaMaria's testimony was so powerful, I just had to share it word-for-word.

This week at the Oregon legislature: School fund cleared for a floor vote, hearing on ELL bill scheduled


At our Beat the Odds luncheon, keynote speaker State Treasurer Ted Wheeler said: “We need to work together, and we need to raise our voices together, because change requires momentum.”

We are nearly two months into the six-month legislative session and education bills are swiftly making their way from work groups to committee hearings and back again. Soon we will start seeing items on our legislative agenda hit the Senate and House floors for a vote.



Sara Garcia is a parent leader in her Reynolds community. Alongside her peers in Stand for Children Oregon’s Reynolds chapter, she tirelessly advocates for her children to receive the best public education possible. As someone who is embedded in the Latino community in East Multnomah County, she speaks for two generations of English language learners.

No more cuts to schools!


Legislators are discussing the K-12 budget and it’s time to be heard: Kids in school today have experienced too many years of huge class sizes, limited course offerings and shortened school years. Tell lawmakers that you won’t accept a budget that forces schools to make cuts.

Our children deserve adequate school funding. That means no more cuts to schools and no more layoffs. We must continually support the programs that ensure all children, from all backgrounds, have a shot at success.