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Video: Why is full-day kindergarten a good idea?


Both Governor Kitzhaber and the Ways & Means Co-Chairs included $220 million in their budgets so districts can offer full-day kindergarten in the 2015-2016 school year. This morning, I went on KATU News to explain why this is a great investment for our state. Here are some of my top reasons:

The Governor's budget shows focus, urgency & commitment to student success


December started off with a bang.  As happens every two years, the governor released his recommended budget on Monday, giving advocates much to talk about for the next few weeks.  

The Oregon Department of Education Contemplates Changes to Instructional Hour Requirements


The fact that Oregon has an unacceptably short school year is now common rhetoric among advocates in our state. However, we’re in the process of discovering that some students receive even less time in front of their teachers than we once thought.

Governor Kitzhaber receives high marks on education agenda. Next step, spend smart.


As a politician, it’s tough to get high marks on your education record. Parents, teachers and our communities are emotionally invested in the performance of our schools. We have high expectations for our children, our future.

Furthermore, Oregon continues to have one of the lowest graduation rates and shortest school years in the country. Our students often enter college underprepared, with several years less schooling than their peers from other states.

Oregon is revising the definition of a high school graduate


Oregon is revising the definition of a high school graduate. This will likely cause much discussion during the 2015 legislative session, so it's wise to get smart on what that means for schools. 

Beginning with the class of 2014, Oregon will change the definition to include those who complete four years of high school but haven't received a diploma. This will raise Oregon's on-time graduation rate, one of the worst in the country.

"Week of Action on School Pushout" Sparks Reflection, Drives Action Reminiscent of Ferguson


As you might recall, while school was out this summer, the Ferguson community and police force took center stage before an international audience. This week is the perfect time to reflect and rededicate ourselves to creating the kind of schools and communities that build up, strengthen and invest in our young people’s success.

Today is Day Four of School Pushout Week. What is this week all about?

Tell OEIB: It’s time to change the odds for our English learners


By the close of Oregon’s next legislative session, nearly 800 English learners will drop out of high school, but I can’t stand the thought of even one more child slipping through the cracks.*

It’s time to change the odds for Oregon’s English learners.

Oregon Department of Education working to improve outcomes for English learners


The Oregon Department of Education wants to improve investments in English learners, a rapidly growing demographic in Oregon schools.

Meet our new executive director, Toya Fick


Stand for Children Oregon is stronger than ever, and we are taking steps to continue to increase our effectiveness. That's why I'm excited to introduce our new Executive Director -- Toya Fick.

A message from Reynolds


Dear Stand for Children community,

Today’s school shooting has truly devastated our community. Yet in the midst of this tragedy, I have been proud and grateful to see the way students, families, teachers and community members have been supporting one another. 

My deepest sympathy goes out to those who lost someone.

I work closely with many families who had children at Reynolds High School during the time of the event. Their children are safe, albeit traumatized.