Implementing The Early Literacy Success Initiative

Our guide to writing a plan that will support educators and students in early literacy.

What makes a strong plan?

  • Prioritization of the schools with the most struggling readers in 3rd grade
  • Immediate supports for struggling readers through tutoring and/or summer learning
  • District’s ELA curriculum is aligned to the science of reading and the district’s assessments and supplemental materials are all aligned with each other and the research
  • Support for educators is provided with coaching, not just trainings and professional development


curriculum review tools

Effectively assessing the degree to which curriculum materials align with research is a crucial facet of an early literacy improvement initiative. We recommend the following three robust tools to evaluate curriculum:

Please note that while no single curriculum resource is likely to fulfill all criteria, a strategic approach
involves identifying and understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses inherent in each curriculum
resource. This nuanced understanding facilitates a more informed and tailored curriculum selection and
implementation process.

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