Stand for Children Oregon Proudly Endorses 54 Education Champions in the 2022 General Election

Endorsed candidates chosen by an Endorsement Committee comprised of students, parents, educators, and community leaders 

PORTLAND – Stand for Children is committed to electing candidates who will fight for an equitable public education system that gives all students a chance to succeed. For the general election to be held on November 8, 2022, we proudly endorse 54 education champions in Oregon who show a commitment to equity and racial justice, to raising achievement for all students, to increasing family and community involvement, to improving school funding, and to ensuring our schools have effective leaders and educators.

Stand’s rigorous endorsement process begins by inviting candidates to complete a questionnaire based on our mission and values. Based on a candidate’s questionnaire responses and voting record – some candidates were invited for an interview with our Endorsement Committee, in addition to alignment on issues, we also favor candidates with strong personal character, competent plans for making systemic improvements to our education system, and vision which includes clear commitments. The candidate must value citizen engagement and welcome meaningful participation by Stand for Children in the policy-making process.

Stand for Children also urges you to VOTE YES on Measure 114, to make our Schools and Communities Safer.

Measure 114 will reduce gun violence. It will require a completed background check, hands-on safety training, fingerprinting and a permit to purchase a gun, and prohibit the sale of high capacity ammunition.

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Tina Kotek 

U.S. House District 4      

Val Hoyle 

U.S. House District 6 

Andrea Salinas 

2022 Oregon State Senate Endorsements  

Senate District 3 Jeff Golden

Senate District 4 Floyd Prozanski  

Senate District 7 James I. Manning, Jr. 

Senate District 8 Sara Gelser Blouin 

Senate District 10 Deb Patterson  

Senate District 11 Richard Walsh  

Senate District 13 Aaron Woods 

Senate District 15 Janeen Sollman 

Senate District 16 Suzanne Weber 

Senate District 17 Elizabeth Steiner Hayward 

Senate District 18 Wlinsvey Campos  

Senate District 19 Rob Wagner 

Senate District 20 Mark Meek  

Senate District 24 Kayse Jama 

2022 Oregon State House Endorsements  

House District 5 Pam Marsh 

House District 7 John Lively  

House District 8 Paul Holvey 

House District 10 David Gomberg  

House District 12 Michelle Emmons  

House District 13 Nancy Nathanson 

House District 14 Julie Fahey 

House District 16 Dan Rayfield 

House District 19 Tom Andersen  

House District 20 Paul Evans  

House District 21 Ramiro Navarro, Jr.  

House District 23 Anna Scharf 

House District 25 Ben Bowman 

House District 26 Courtney Neron 

House District 27 Ken Helm 

House District 28 Dacia Grayber 

House District 29 Susan McLain 

House District 30 Nathan Sosa 

House District 33 Maxine Dexter 

House District 34 Lisa Reynolds 

House District 35 Farrah Chaichi 

House District 36 Hai Pham 

House District 37 Jules Walters  

House District 38 Daniel Nguyen 

House District 39 Janelle Bynum 

House District 41 Mark F. Gamba 

House District 42 Rob Nosse 

House District 43 Tawna Sanchez 

House District 44 Travis Nelson 

House District 45 Thuy Tran 

House District 46 Khanh Pham 

House District 47 Andrea Valderrama 

House District 48 Hoa H. Nguyen 

House District 49 Zach Hudson 

House District 50 Ricki Ruiz 

House District 54 Jason Kropf 

House District 57 Greg Smith