The Importance of Early literacy

Did you know that children’s brains develop faster in their first eight years than at any other point in their lives? Those years are such critical learning years – it’s when many kids are set on a path to a life of curiosity, continued learning, and success. 

For others, issues in our system block that path. For kids who don’t learn to read in those early years (specifically by third grade) their chances of dropping out of high school increase by four times. 

Stand for Children is working on clearing those roadblocks. 

We’re asking lawmakers for significant and targeted state funding to enable school districts across Oregon to teach kids in ways that research clearly shows will have the biggest impact.

Research shows that when teachers receive the training and support to align their teaching strategies to brain research that’s shown how kids connect sounds to letters and letters to words and words to meaning, and when students receive the time and support they need, all students can become readers by the end of third grade. 

To get there, we need your support. Will you join us by becoming a member today?