You can become an advocate

As an organizer at Stand for Children Indiana, I meet a lot of people. Sometimes I meet them in person and other times because I am placing a phone call or sending an email.

I met Dontia when I was calling around asking community members to support a local school district initiative. I wasn’t having a lot of luck that day, but when Dontia answered he was excited to support students who needed more resources to thrive in their classrooms. He also wanted to learn more about advocacy.

That was three years ago.

He’s now a Stand Indiana fellow and expert advocate. He has not only improved students’ lives in his local school district but also helped better youth justice laws in Indiana through sharing his story with legislators.

I know that every person I connect with is capable of creating the type of positive change that Dontia has, which is why I hope you’ll join me for our upcoming workshops!

These virtual meetings are a great way to learn about Stand for Children Indiana’s mission and team, what advocacy means and how to get involved!    

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