Statement on the IPS referenda and Rebuilding Stronger plan

“As an organization that spent significant resources supporting the 2018 IPS referenda, we certainly understand the need to invest in our local public schools. While we look forward to hearing the full details of this latest referenda proposal, I’m confident the parents we work with will have several questions that need to be addressed, starting with the strategy that drives this ask of taxpayers.

“Black and Brown families have been clear in their feedback to IPS that the Rebuilding Stronger plan misses the mark when it comes to equitable opportunities for students. The plan greatly expands a school program that has among the worst racial testing gaps in the entire state of Indiana. What even more problematic< leaving out a key parent request to grow a local public school model that is seeing proficiency that is four times the state average for children of color. In hearing from our Stand parent advocates these last several months, I think it is safe to say that growing schools that are working best for children who have been historically underserved must be a key part of any plan funded by this potential referenda.

“It’s our hope that IPS will listen to the constructive feedback being offered by parents — especially parents of color — when it comes to both the referenda and the Rebuilding Stronger plan. For Stand to support any future referenda, the plan for utilizing this new taxpayer funding must be rooted in equity.”

Justin Ohlemiller, Executive Director, Stand for Children Indiana

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