Stand Indiana welcomes Tyre’k Swanigan

Tyre’k Swanigan (he/him) is Stand for Children Indiana’s newly hired organizer. Many advocates and parents associated with Stand Indiana have likely already met Tyre’k. He’s jumped right into his role with Stand Indiana by now co-hosting several workshops.  

Born and raised in Indiana with his parents and older brother, Tyre’k is passionate about students having equitable resources and a voice no matter their race, income level or ZIP code. This passion stems from his own story.  

In the second grade, Tyre’k moved to a new school on the east side of Indianapolis. The following school year, Tyre’k often found himself bored and distracted in class. He was removed from his classroom on several occasions. Looking back, Tyre’k felt there was a lack of representation in his school and the curriculum didn’t challenge him enough. When he repeated the third grade for a second time, at a new school, he was taught by his first Black teacher. He began to feel valued, confident and challenged. To this day, Tyre’k is grateful to that teacher and to his mother who advocated for him when he couldn’t advocate for himself.  

He joins the Stand Indiana with the same hope: to help parents and community members learn how to utilize their voices and make positive change.  Please join us in welcoming him to the team!