FAQ: Indianapolis charter schools 

Do you have questions about charter schools? Read these frequently asked questions to seek your answers. 

Are charter schools free in Indianapolis?  

Yes, all Indiana public charter schools, including those institutions located in Indianapolis, are tuition-free. They are publicly-funded but privately-operated. 

Can any child attend a charter school in Indianapolis?  

Attending a charter school in Indianapolis is optional. Parents get to make the decision on where to send their child to learn. 

Like other public schools, the state of Indiana requires charter schools in Indianapolis to follow open enrollment laws. This means that any child eligible to attend a district public school in Indianapolis—regardless of race, religion, disability, language proficiency, or academic ability—is eligible to attend an Indianapolis charter school. 

How good are Indiana charter schools compared to those in other areas of the country?  

Indiana’s charter schools ranked number one in the U.S. in 2022 (for the seventh year in a row), according to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. 

As with all schools, Stand for Children Indiana encourages parents to do their due diligence when selecting a school for their child. The best school for your child is the option that fits their needs, interests and has rigorous standards.  

Are all Indianapolis charter school teachers licensed?  

The state of Indiana has passed laws that mandate at least 90% of an Indianapolis charter school’s classroom teachers must be licensed. At mayor-sponsored Indianapolis charter schools, teachers must have a license or be in the process of getting their license. 

Are Innovation Network Schools the same as charter schools?  

No, independent charter schools operate outside the IPS school district, whereas Innovation Network Schools operate inside of IPS.  However, there are some similarities between both types of schools. Leaders at charter schools, like those at Innovation Network Schools, decide what’s best for their students and are free to innovate at the individual school level.