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The culture war and the hyper polarization hurts all of us, but it’s hardest on students. Join the monthly state briefing call to keep-up to date on what’s happening around the country.

You can track legislation here

Register to vote and vote, especially at the local, school board level. Many decisions to ban books, block educators from teaching Black History, or even talk about racism are happening at the local level where older and whiter voters are the most likely to turnout.

Make sure your friends and family vote as well! 

Download the free empower app to talk to people you know about what Black History Year Around means to you. 

Share your story, and invite others to share theirs!

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The Power of Public NarrativeWe all have a story to tell, but storytelling is about more than sharing our personal experiences. When used towards a political objective, in combination with what we learn from our community, our stories can ignite a spark for change and direct passion towards a shared purpose. In this interactive workshop we will discuss how to best use storytelling and public narrative as leadership tools to inspire others to recognize both their own power and the power of collective action.
5 – 6pm CDTVirtual
State Intelligence Briefing CallThe monthly State Intelligence Briefing call will gather parents, educators, and community stakeholders working hard across the country pushing back against the movement to dismantle public education through legislation, regulatory actions and school board activity that censors educators, pits parents against their local schools and and stokes anger and fear in communities–all for political gain.
11am – 12pm CDTVirtual




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