Asian american history and afro-asian solidarity

May 31, 202328 min read
Asian american history and afro-asian solidarity
Recently, Florida has joined the rising number of states mandating Asian American history be taught in public schools. While schools finally beginning to discuss the contributions of Asian Americans is something to be celebrated, the news came on the heels of the state banning the newly created AP African American History curriculum. To many observers, this new Asian American history requirement appeared to be another case in the long history of the media and politicians pitting Asian American communities against African Americans.

Standoscope: Gemini Season

May 23, 202324 min read
Aries ruling planet, Mars, is currently in fiery Leo, inspiring a passionate and creative atmosphere. This is a great opportunity to get creative and share your story of why education matters to you! Mars is in Leo making a square with Jupiter in Taurus, which may inspire you to make big changes. The moon is […]

Apply for the beat the odds scholarship

May 22, 202303 min read
Stand for Children is a unique catalyst for education equity and racial justice, to create a brighter future for us all. In Oregon, we work to connect historically underserved students with programs and support that help them graduate high school prepared to succeed in college or the work force.  Our Beat the Odds Scholarship program was started in […]

What we can learn from one mom’s activism that changed illinois state law

May 17, 202366 min read
photo of ida speaking at podium in front of protesters with picket signs. Poster on podium reads
Ida nelson spearheaded what would become the Jett Hawkins anti-hair discrimination law. Now, she wants you to join her in fighting for students. In August of 2021, Chicago mother Ida Nelson stood with her son, Jett Hawkins, as Illinois governor JB Pritzker signed the Jett Hawkins Anti-Hair Discrimination Act into law. A year before, Jett, age 4, was sent home from school with an ultimatum— change his hairstyle or face suspension.

Story Building Toolkit

Mar 22, 202307 min read
We can imagine building a Public Narrative as telling a story in 3 acts. Those are the Story of Self (call to leadership), Story of Us (shared values and experiences), and the Story of Now (urgent issues + strategies). Remember, Public Narrative is about the process, not strict rules! These are all guideline to help […]

Q&A: Where DACA Stands & How we Can Help

Oct 7, 2022211 min read
Defend DACA
In August of this year, Ashley Dominguez Garcia provided an update on the standing of DACA, Stand Up For DREAMers: An Update on DACA, which highlighted organizations such as that are working to get the program reinstated and to create pathways to citizenship for all DREAMers. Following the piece, Avery Crocker and Ashley Dominguez […]