House votes to invest in American families

We're one step closer to seeing the biggest investment in people since the New Deal. Moments ago, the House voted to pass the Build Back Better Act, which includes a one-year extension of the monthly Child Tax Credit payments, paid... read more

Help Turn Book Deserts into Book Gardens

I’ve participated with Home Visit Partnerships for several years, and when I visit a student’s home, I love when they show me their favorite books. As a teacher, I hope every family I visit has a home library for their... read more

CTC’s Impact on Children and Families

Stand for Children commends our nation’s leaders who, through the Build Back Better Framework, have set the path forward to providing families nationwide the resources they need to succeed. Through support for universal preschool education, children who are often the... read more

Filling in the Missing Pieces

As a student in the 1980s, I never imagined that the history lessons I received at my well-regarded high school omitted important portions of our country’s past. But that is indeed what happened. Filling in these missing pieces decades later... read more

Sign the Petition to Help American Families

Last week, Stand for Children put nearly 2,000 families in touch with their representatives in Washington D.C. to talk about how the expanded Child Tax Credit has made a difference in their lives. Many families who shared their stories have... read more

I’m Using My Voice to Create Change

I first got involved with Stand for Children Louisiana because my girlfriend and I wanted to educate ourselves to be stronger advocates for our young children in their educational journey. We didn’t realize how much support our family needed until... read more

The Desegregation of Little Rock Central

Saturday, September 25th marked the commemoration of the desegregation of Little Rock Central — when the Little Rock Nine became the first Black students to attend Central for a full day of classes after earlier attempts that September. For weeks... read more

It’s About What’s Best for Students

As a school trustee, I participate in the governance of an incredibly diverse district in San Antonio, Texas – rich with tremendous cultural wealth. I appreciate Learn from History's work to ensure that all students are taught an accurate and... read more

The Cost of Youth Prosecution

When my mother was too sick to care for my four younger siblings, I took them in a few years before she passed away because I didn’t want to see them separated or wind up in foster care. At the time, I was a... read more

The Need to Learn Accurate U.S. History

As students return to the classroom, educators continue to navigate the new realities of teaching during a deadly global pandemic. But some educators are now having to face a whole new set of restrictions that have nothing to do with... read more