What we can learn from one mom’s activism that changed illinois state law

May 17, 202366 min read
photo of ida speaking at podium in front of protesters with picket signs. Poster on podium reads
Ida nelson spearheaded what would become the Jett Hawkins anti-hair discrimination law. Now, she wants you to join her in fighting for students. In August of 2021, Chicago mother Ida Nelson stood with her son, Jett Hawkins, as Illinois governor JB Pritzker signed the Jett Hawkins Anti-Hair Discrimination Act into law. A year before, Jett, age 4, was sent home from school with an ultimatum— change his hairstyle or face suspension.

Story Building Toolkit

Mar 22, 202307 min read
We can imagine building a Public Narrative as telling a story in 3 acts. Those are the Story of Self (call to leadership), Story of Us (shared values and experiences), and the Story of Now (urgent issues + strategies). Remember, Public Narrative is about the process, not strict rules! These are all guideline to help […]

Q&A: Where DACA Stands & How we Can Help

Oct 7, 2022211 min read
Defend DACA
In August of this year, Ashley Dominguez Garcia provided an update on the standing of DACA, Stand Up For DREAMers: An Update on DACA, which highlighted organizations such as that are working to get the program reinstated and to create pathways to citizenship for all DREAMers. Following the piece, Avery Crocker and Ashley Dominguez […]

Stand Up for DREAMers: An Update on DACA

Aug 18, 202223 min read
Stand Up for DREAMers: An Update on DACA
The future of DACA is once again left in limbo. Earlier in July, a federal appeals court in New Orleans heard arguments on the legality of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). This decision, which will most likely be decided in a few months, will affect the future of over 600,000 DREAMers – […]

Stand Up For Our Students: Why I Ran For School Board

Jul 15, 202202 min read
three children reading books sitting on cushions
I ran for the school board in Pleasantville because I believe all children deserve to receive the best educational and emotional support. I’m a mother of three students who currently attend Pleasantville public schools, and my fourth child will be enrolling this fall. Pleasantville is a diverse city in southern New Jersey with classrooms filled […]

Together We Win: A School Board Victory in Croydon

Jun 30, 202202 min read
Together We Win: A School Board Victory in Croydon
We needed 283 votes to save our school. Little Red is a K-4 school, the only school in Croydon. The older students are allowed to choose one of the nearby middle and high schools to attend, and our district covers the expenses. That’s how the original budget worked at least.   We got our last […]