How Is the Child Tax Credit Helping You?

Millions of families across the country are now two months in to receiving the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments. Are you among them? Stand for Children wants to hear how your family is spending these extra funds so that... read more

I See My Story in the Families We Serve

I still remember how it felt to be at the first Stand for Children rally on June 1, 1996. I covered the event as a teenage reporter, so my job was to interview other young people and adults who had... read more

Raising a Family Shouldn’t Be Unaffordable

Did you know that starting today, families all across the country will start receiving payments from the expanded Child Tax Credit? When I heard this news, I was so relieved! It's going to help out my children so much and... read more

How We Achieve An Antiracist Future

Recently, loud and powerful voices have claimed that teaching about race, racism, and antiracism in schools is divisive. We have found the opposite to be true. Honest conversations about our country’s history and present are the best way to heal,... read more

Home Visits Boost Attendance, Engagement

A research analysis released this week by the Annenberg Institute at Brown University speaks to the positive impact the Home Visit Project (recently renamed as Home Visit Partnerships) has on student attendance, educator-family communication, and student engagement. Home visits are a family engagement... read more

POST TITLE Child Tax Credit is a Lifeline for Families

The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating for families across this country, including mine. My husband lost his job, and as a result, we lost something very important in our lives: our home. As the mother of five, I was terrified. It... read more

Students Deserve a Say in Their Education

I believe students deserve a say in their education. That's why I joined Stand for Children in 10th grade and started going to school board meetings, writing local government leaders, and organizing other students in the community to get involved,... read more

Court Fees Trap Youth in Justice System

Did you know that kids who are committed to Oregon’s Youth Justice System are charged administrative fees that can follow them well into adult life? I was one of those kids, and the trauma of the financial burden it placed... read more

Standing Strong for 25 Years

Twenty-five years ago today, on June 1, 1996, 300,000 people stood together for children at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.  What began as an historic rally has become a bold and vital organization impacting the education and lives of... read more

If You Care About Your Right to Vote

My first time voting was the 2016 presidential election. I still remember how proud and empowered I felt placing my ballot into the drop box here in Oregon, where we have widespread vote-by-mail. My family are immigrants from Oaxaca, Mexico,... read more