School Board Election Night Recap

As a vote-by-mail state, it can be hard to know the outcome of elections on election night. While most of our endorsed candidates are comfortably ahead, a handful of races remain very close and the outcome could go either way; we’ll have to wait for all ballots to be counted. In a couple of cases, our endorsed candidates are significantly behind. In local elections every vote truly counts and the results can be decided by a few ballots. 

Thank you for your engagement and support over the last three months, from making phone calls to donating and encouraging friends and family to be voters who safeguard kids freedom to learn and thrive. All told, we made more than 22,000 calls, sent nearly 33,000 texts, and mailed almost 40,000 pieces of direct mail to ensure voters knew what was at stake in this election. We complemented that with digital ads running through most of the voting period.

Overall, we are heartened by the initial returns. Across Washington state, voters in many districts rejected extremists who would ban books and censor teachers and in turn, supported candidates who believe in public education, diversity, and inclusion.  

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