Legislative Roll Call: Week 1

Today is the end of the first week of session, and with just 55 days remaining to consider hundreds of policy proposals and develop a supplemental budget, things are moving very quickly. Educators and administrators testified on the Governor’s budget Monday and Tuesday to urge lawmakers to include $2.9m in the final budget for the Ninth Grade Success Initiative. 

Stand’s top priority bills, and several supporting priorities, have key hearings next week. Read on for more info about how you can support!


  • Monday, January 15: What better way to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. than to advocate for bills to advance racial justice and undo the harms of our juvenile legal system?
    • Click here to sign in pro for SB 5974, which would require courts to waive uncollectible juvenile court debt from the record. This is old debt that courts may no longer collect, but it remains “on the books” and is holding back economic mobility for thousands of Washingtonians.
    • Please sign in PRO by 9:15am on Mon. 
  • Tuesday, January 19Click here to sign in pro for HB 2251, which is the House version of the bill to waive uncollectible court debt from the record. Please sign in PRO by 12:15pm on Tues.
  • Wednesday, January 17: Click here to sign in pro for HB 2053, which would establish the Ninth Grade Success Initiative in law, ensuring ongoing commitment to targeted supports for this pivotal transition year. Please sign in PRO by 2:45pm on Wed.

What is “signing in pro” anyway? 

You can let the committee know your position on a bill (pro, con, or “other”) from the comfort of your own home, without even testifying! By clicking the links above and filling out a simple online form, you can note your support of a bill formally for the legislative record. It helps lawmakers know how strongly the community feels about a bill. 

What else should I be watching next week? 

In addition to our priority bill hearings, there will be hearings on bills to remove barriers to financial aid and expand access to peer mentors for students considering their college and career options. There are also multiple juvenile justice bills being heard next week, including one written by currently incarcerated students. We urge your support! 

Is there anything else I should know?

All bills must have a hearing and a vote in a policy committee by January 31, or they will not be able to advance this session. Hearings are a critical step in the process! You can watch hearings live, or check out the recordings, at tvw.org.

Stay tuned for action alerts in support of our bills and our partner priorities next week! 

In advocacy, 

Liz Trautman
Government Affairs Director

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