Jaime Stacy will give Mead students a bright and hopeful future

This year we endorsed 11 school board candidates around Washington. About 10 miles north of Spokane, in the Mead School District 3 race, we endorsed Jaime Stacey. In our endorsement process with the Stand for Children Washington PAC, we identify candidates who share our values and vision of building systems that are student-centered. 

Mead School Board candidate Jaime Stacy shares our values of prioritizing student outcomes and initiatives that promote inclusion and belonging. As a mother of two and an educator, Jaime will ensure authentic parent and family engagement, and understands how policies and procedures impact classrooms. 

Jaime’s ability to connect with others and cultivate a sense of belonging for all is another one of her strengths. Through her non-profit Strong Women Achieving Greatness (SWAG) she has hosted mentoring workshops throughout Spokane to bring resources and hope to young women as they define and pursue their own success. She served as the Shiloh Hills Elementary PTO president, and currently works for Spokane Public Schools as a school and community specialist, allowing her to connect with frontline educators and community members.

Growing up, Jaime saw her mother expand opportunities for her family by earning her college degree and then her Master’s degree, so Jaime understands the importance and power of a quality education for all students. This includes equipping the next generation with rigorous coursework like AP classes or dual-credit Career & Technical Education (CTE) to prepare for college and careers after high school.

In a time when powerful interests seek to divide and distract us from focusing on providing students with a high quality, relevant education, schools should remain non-partisan and student-focused. And the making of a great school board director is one who upholds honesty and transparency. Jaime will center the needs of students and will work to address the existing harmful inequities in education through her seat on the Mead school board. Her focus on anti-bullying and anti-harassment will ensure an environment where all students feel safe and like they belong in their classrooms. 

It is our responsibility as parents, community members, and school board members to come together to safeguard our children’s freedom to learn and thrive. We can support students and public education by funding schools, even when others have slashed school budgets, stripping away much needed programs and resources for our children. “The levy pays for extracurricular activities, athletics, staff to lower class sizes and other employees such as nurses, among other items. Stacy said she strongly supports moving forward with a new levy,” from a September 18 Spokesman-Review article.

To learn more about Jaime, visit her website: votejaimestacy.com

Important Election Info!

Ballots will be mailed Oct. 18th! Voters have until Oct. 31st to register or update their mailing address online or via mail, and voters may update their registration or register for the first time in-person at the Spokane County elections office until election day, Nov. 7th.

Join us to elect pro-equity candidates like Jaime

School board elections are often decided by just a few votes – calling voters to make sure they know about strong candidates and have a plan to vote makes a huge difference. Join us on October 11 and 23 for virtual phone banks – no experience necessary!

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