2023 Endorsements

Oregon School Board elections are coming up on May 16th, 2023. (Click here to check or update your voter registration.) School Boards set local education priorities that impact every students, and Stand for Children is committed to electing candidates who will fight for an equitable public education system that gives all students a chance to succeed.

We’re proud to endorse the following candidates in the upcoming School Board elections:

Benton County

Chris Hawkins, Corvallis

Sarah Finger McDonald, Corvallis

Clackamas County

Kirsten Aird, Lake Oswego

John Wallin, Lake Oswego

Paul Kemp, No. Clackamas

Jena Benologa, No. Clackamas

Glenn Wachter, No. Clackamas

April Dobson, No. Clackamas

Heidi Blackwell, Oregon City

Alex Halpern, Oregon City

Katie Wilson, Oregon City

Pamela White, Oregon City

Maegan Vidal, West Linn-Wilsonville

Dan Schumaker, West Linn-Wilsonville

Deschutes County

Cameron Fischer, Bend La-Pine

Melissa Barnes Dholakia, Bend La-Pine

Kina Chadwick, Bend La-Pine

Jackson County

Lilia Caballero, Medford

Michelle Atkinson, Medford

Lane County

Drae Charles, Bethel

Morgan Munro , Eugene 4J

Rick Hamilton, Eugene 4J

Jenny Jonak, Eugene 4J

Ken Kohl, Springfield

Anthony Reed, Springfield

Marion County

Cynthia Richardson, Salem-Keizer

Kelley Strawn, Salem-Keizer

Anabel Hernandez-Mejia, Woodburn

Bill Graupp, No. Marion

Multnomah County

Kate Sherman, David Douglas

Heather Franklin, David Douglas

Gabriela Saldana-Lopez, David Douglas

Aaron Barrow, David Douglas

Kris Howatt, Gresham-Barlow

Dr. Charice Roth, Gresham-Barlow

Stefanie Craft, Gresham-Barlow

Dr. Samuel Henry, MESD

Renee Anderson, MESD

Katrina Doughty, MESD

Michelle DePass, PPS

Eddie Wang, PPS

Andrew Scott, PPS

Ana Gonzalez Munoz, Reynolds

Washington County

Justice Rajee, Beaverton

Maham Ahmed, Beaverton

Tammy Carpenter, Beaverton

See Eun Kim, Hillsboro

Patrick Maguire, Hillsboro

Ivette Pantoja, Hillsboro

Kristen Miles, Tigard-Tualatin

Jill Zurchmeide, Tigard-Tualatin

Crystal Weston, Tigard-Tualatin

Matt Thornton, Sherwood 

Hans Moller, Sherwood 

Yamhill County

Deb Bridges, Newberg

Jeremy Hayden, Newberg

Nancy Woodward, Newberg

James Wolfer, Newberg

Sol Allen, Newberg

Lu Ann Anderson, McMinnville

Gerardo Partida, McMinnville

Doris Towery, McMinnville

Larry Vollmer, McMinnville

Endorsement Process

Here’s how our endorsement process works: we invite candidates to participate in our endorsement process and complete a questionnaire based on our mission. Based on a candidate’s questionnaire responses and their voting record (this only applies to incumbents), some candidates may be invited in for a virtual interview with our Endorsement Committee. Our Endorsement Committee is made up of students, parents, educators, and community leaders. Candidates are evaluated based on their:

  • Responses to our questionnaire
  • Voting record on our key issues (if applicable)
  • Interview responses (if applicable)
  • Overall alignment with our priorities.

After considering all the relevant information, our Endorsement Committee makes an endorsement decision.

Here’s the criteria we consider for each candidate:

  1. Issue Alignment: The candidate shows a commitment equity and racial justice, to raising achievement for all students, increasing family and community involvement, improving school funding, and ensuring our schools have effective leaders and educators. If they are an incumbent, they have a strong track record on behalf of our issues and bills.
  2. Strong Personal Character: The candidate is strong on making systemic improvements to our education system, has a vision and makes clear commitments. The candidate values citizen engagement and welcomes meaningful participation by Stand for Children in the policy-making process. The candidate shows leadership, strives for consensus, but supports potentially unpopular policy changes if necessary to get results for children.
  3. Viability: The candidate has a clear and viable strategy for winning their race.