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Emily Phan

Executive Technology Officer

Emily Phan is a seasoned technology executive with over 22 years of experience ranging from high tech startups to Fortune 500 companies. Prior to coming to Stand for Children, she was the Director of IT for ESI, a global high tech manufacturer of laser based equipment in Portland Oregon, where she extended technology into a global operating environment in 12 countries. Before that, Emily was a Senior Director of IT at Varolii Corporation, a Saas text/sms mobile communications delivery company in Seattle. At Varolii, Emily laid the technology foundation to prepare for the S1/go public process and pass Sarbox compliance. Before that she was the Vice President of Client Services at Marqui Corporation in Vancouver British Columbia leading web content Saas for over 300 clients including the Oregon Susan B. Komen Foundation website and Simon Frazer Universities in Canada. She began her technology career as a Mergers & Acquisitions consultant with Cap Gemini in 1991. Emily also held various IT directorship positions at Serena/Merant Software, Radisys and EDS/Sequent/IBM. Emily’s knowledge in the technology field extends to all areas of business – Enterprise Strategy, Technology Execution, Turnaround, Global Operations, Saas Data Center Management, Mergers & Acquisition, E-Commerce, Compliance, Vendor & Services Management, Client Services, Usability, Quality Assurance and Product Development.

Emily holds both a Bachelors of Science in Information Quantitative Analysis and a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Portland State University. She has also completed executive programs at the Oregon Graduate Institute and Harvard School of Business. She is actively involved in the community and is on the Board of iUrban Teen Summit, a grass roots organization focusing on infusing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to underserved teens. Emily is an advisor evaluator of technology for the City of Portland, and advisory council member of the PEM CIO Forum, Women in Technology, Portland Metro STEM Industry Council.