Thank A Teacher Today

May is Teacher Appreciation Month, and after all the sacrifices and ever-evolving adjustments teachers have made to ensure their students keep learning during the pandemic, I hope everyone will take a moment to reflect and say thank you. 

If there’s an educator you want to acknowledge, write a short thank you note with this form and Stand for Children will share it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

I see what the educators with Home Visit Project have done this past year, taking time outside of their workday to make sure their students and students’ families have food and access to information about medical care and vaccines. As a former educator myself, let me assure you this: Teachers care.

The people who choose this profession — and those who have stuck with it during this pandemic — want the very best for their students. It’s why they quickly modified all their lesson plans to be suitable for video conferences. It’s why some ventured back into the classroom, even before vaccines were widely available, to serve students who needed in-person instruction. It’s why they are texting, calling and emailing families every day to ask how they’re really holding up through all this and if they need anything.

Please take the opportunity today to thank an educator, either someone currently teaching or someone who influenced you in your past. 

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