Help Turn Book Deserts into Book Gardens

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I’ve participated with Home Visit Partnerships for several years, and when I visit a student’s home, I love when they show me their favorite books. As a teacher, I hope every family I visit has a home library for their children, but unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Research has shown a home library increases vocabulary development, academic success, and an overall life success.

During one visit with a kindergarten student, I realized there were no books in the home at all. I began sending books home with the student throughout the fall and, when I visited their home again in the spring, the family had purchased a small bookcase to hold all the books. They were so proud to have a home library for their little reader!

Donate today to provide books for young students!

I will never forget how my student grabbed a book off their shelf and hopped up next to me and started reading. Then, their 3-year-old sibling grabbed a book and hopped up on my lap next to us and started “reading” by flipping through and looking at the pictures.

That moment highlighted the importance of making sure all my students have access to books. My student isn’t just learning how to read, they’re developing their love for reading and the skills to help them succeed in school and life.

Home Visit Partnerships has teamed up with Unite for Literacy to change the book deserts in North Texas into book gardens. By donating today, you are helping HVP teachers to build home libraries for their students and families, changing the trajectory of a child’s life.

With your gift, you will help plant the seeds for a child’s love of reading to flourish.

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