CTC’s Impact on Children and Families

Stand for Children commends our nation’s leaders who, through the Build Back Better Framework, have set the path forward to providing families nationwide the resources they need to succeed. Through support for universal preschool education, children who are often the least prepared at the beginning of kindergarten will now have access to the building blocks of their education and be better positioned to thrive in school. Research demonstrates the profound impact that high-quality early education can have on children including reducing early achievement gaps, contributing to improved learning in the first five years of school, and then higher graduation rates. To have preschool extended to families who have not been able to afford it until now, is groundbreaking.

Over the past month, through phone banks we have operated to arm often disconnected families with information, and outreach to many more across the nation, we have heard from thousands of hard-working parents whose lives have been changed by receiving the monthly Child Tax Credit payments. This sweeping effort has cut child poverty by 45 percent. The payments have provided more than 35 million Americans with food security, the ability to afford rent, and the funds needed to take care of the basic needs of their children. This effort provides an important boost to the economy considering that for every dollar provided in CTC payments, $1.50 is generated in economic activity for the nation. While a one-year extension provides only temporary relief, we know it’s a first step in changing the futures of an entire generation of children.

Along with thousands of our supporters, we call upon members of both houses of Congress to support the legislation that will be built upon the Build Back Better framework and forever be a part of a historic investment in our nation’s future. Others interested in supporting this effort are welcome to join us by taking action.

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