Endorsed Candidates for Shelby Co. Commission

Stand for Children Tennessee is proud to endorse education champions who are committed to helping improve student outcomes, advocating for necessary and equitable funding to address student needs, and increasing potential for college and career success.

Stand endorsed candidates undergo a multi-step process with our committee of experienced, dedicated leaders and parents.

First, candidates were asked to respond to a questionnaire to assess their knowledge of the education landscape in Memphis and Shelby County and measure their support (or lack thereof) of issues affecting our students and families. Following that, each were invited to in-person interviews with the committee.

Of those interested and interviewed, our diverse committee selected seven candidates for Stand’s endorsement. Learn more about each candidate and their commitment to advocacy and service:

Michael Whaley, District 5

Willie Brooks, District 6

Tami Sawyer, District 7

Dr. Rosalyn “Roz” Nichols, District 9

Reginald Milton, District 10

Eddie Jones, District 11

Van Turner, District 12

Visit www.shelbyvote.com to find your district, polling locations, and complete voter registration. Thank you for your support of these education champions.

Interested in volunteering efforts to support these candidates? Contact us at [email protected] — tell us you’re ready to help!

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