2022 In Review: A New Day for Justice & Safety

I’ve worked for many years in politics, advocacy, and organizing in Memphis, and I can say that the accomplishments we’ve made in 2022 are some of the most proud moments that I’ve had. We defeated the worst District Attorney in... read more

Our hearts are with Memphis

We are deeply disturbed and saddened by yesterday’s horrific shootings, on the heels of the kidnapping and murder of Eliza Fletcher, among so many other instances of violent crime in our community. Our hearts are with the people who were... read more

Justice for Tyre Nichols

Over the past two weeks, and in the wake of hearing from his parents at the January 23 press conference, we have been holding Tyre Nichols and his loved ones in our hearts. We mourn another young life taken by... read more

Trigger Warning: School security staff once again use pepper spray against students

According to the MSCS Handbook, possession of pepper spray is a suspendible offense, yet the adults in charge of protecting student safety are free to use this harmful chemical agent against students at their discretion with little to no accountability.... read more

2022 In Review: Public Redistricting for Memphis!

City redistricting determines which neighborhoods get resources and representation, and thanks to your emails and advocacy over the past year, the City Council answered our calls for a public redistricting process! Earlier this year, we teamed up with the Shelby... read more

2022 In Review: The Roots of Injustice

We know all too well that racial disparities exist in the criminal legal system, especially those with lived experience. The next question we need to ask is “Why?” To ask these questions and start to get to the roots of... read more

2022 In Review: Community-Centered Budgeting

The Moral Budget Coalition came together during the 2021 Shelby County Budget cycle after seeing a need for including community voice in the funding priorities. We continued that work during the 2022 cycle by establishing the first-ever Community-Centered Budgeting Process.... read more

2022 In Review: Justice & Safety Alliance

The Justice & Safety Alliance (JSA) is a coalition of organizations focused on achieving lasting public safety by truly reimagining policing, supporting proactive crime prevention, and increasing investment in safe, strong, and healthy communities. Over the past year, we led... read more

2022 In Review: Freshmen on the road to success

As of the 2022-23 school year, our Center For High School Success (CHSS) team is proud to announce that nine new partner schools joined the Freshman Success Network (FSN)! Partner schools consistently show greater numbers of freshmen who are on... read more

2022 In Review: Truth in Education

Schools should be a safe place for all students, regardless of their identities. But Tennessee's anti-truth, anti-LGBTQ+, and censorship laws deny our children that safety by putting them at risk of immediate and future harm and leaving them with an... read more