Today is National Voter Registration Day

The countdown is on until Election Day on November 3.

 But before we can cast our ballot for president, state representative, or school board member – everyone must be sure that they’re registered to vote. In past years, we’d go door-to-door or host voter registration events to make sure that everyone has a plan to vote. This year, things are different. So instead, it’s up to each and every one of us to spread the word and help friends and family register.

First, check to ensure your registration status is up to date by visiting our page on Proud Voter-Tennessee.

Then, reach out to a few people you know – for me, I know I owe a couple of family members and friends a call. Ask if they’re registered to vote. It’s that easy and can ensure that each of our voices are heard this upcoming Election Day.

You can also get involved by volunteering to help increase voter turnout! Stand has partnered with Continue the Dream – Voter Alliance to increase voter engagement by registering Memphians to vote and encouraging the largest turnout possible for this election. If you would like to help with voter registration and sharing critical voting information to all, please sign up here.

There is power in voting, and others are doing all they can to suppress our right as citizens to have a fair and equitable election. Never forget that YOUR VOTE MATTERSBe the change you seek by registering to vote today!

Happy Voter Registration Day!

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