The Charter Compact Passes!

For over a year, we have been working with Memphis charter school parents to advocate for the Shelby County Schools Board to pass a charter compact that would start to build a partnership between the district and the charter school it authorizes.

At Tuesday night’s school board meeting—in front of a packed room full of parents, students, educators, principals, administrators and education advocacy groups joined together in support of the agreement—the board members unanimously voted to pass the Charter Compact!

Cardell Orrin, Memphis City Director, feels that this is the first step in building a partnership between SCS and their charter schools.

What we see it as the board saying, ‘yes, we recognize we have charter schools in our landscape. They are a growing part of the district. They are an important part of the district and we have to interact with them.

Read more about the agreement and how SCS and charter schools plan to work more closely.

Memphis Organizer, London Lamar, has been a strong advocate for this issue for over a year is excited about its passing and what it means for the children in Memphis.

Working on the charter compact was a humbling experience because we helped so many families and schools make continuous gains for the children’s education. I hope this victory continues to empower parents to keep mobilizing on behalf of our children! 

While this was indeed a win for our Memphis team, this was an even bigger win for the all of the students in Shelby County.

Regardless of where we send our kids to school, they are all deserving of a quality education and it is our duty to ensure that we make that possible.

In the words of London, ” One win down! Another to go!”

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