Statement on Nashville Elections

Challenging entrenched incumbent officials is a daunting task, but several courageous leaders across this city stepped up to the plate. Each of them ran respectful, thoughtful, and vigorous campaigns, and each of them made us incredibly proud to support them. Tonight those candidates fell short of victory, but we are prouder than ever of the leadership they’ve shown.

These races have been hard-fought and at times trying for all candidates and their supporters. That’s because the stakes for 86,000 students are so high. At Stand, we believed new leadership was of the utmost importance to improving outcomes for students, and we devoted enormous time, energy, and resources to electing that new leadership. But no one’s support could match the heart and soul that these candidates, their families and supporters poured into these races.

Now the campaigns are over, and we are committed to finding common ground. We should work together to support Dr. Shawn Joseph’s vision, ensure that there is a high-quality school in every neighborhood, and ensure that schools and families have the resources they need from pre-K through graduation. We should all work towards the same goal: a high-quality education for every child in Nashville.

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