Keep Residency Requirements Up To Date

We raised our voices and the City Council heard us!

 This week, a majority of City Council members voted to protect residency requirements ensuring that police officers would continue to be our neighbors in Memphis & Shelby County. This decision serves as a step in the right direction and reimagining the MPD’s role and relationship with communities and families they vow to protect and serve.

 Kudos to Council members Michalyn Easter-ThomasCheyenne JohnsonMartavius JonesJB SmileyJamita SwearengenRhonda Logan, and Patrice Robinson for voting against the status quo that has contributed to the racial injustice of our city for many years.

City council members who voted to keep the residency requirement on the ballot were Council members CanaleCarlisleColvettFord, Morgan, and Warren. We were highly disappointed in their vote to maintain and support the fallacy that more police officers equate to solving the problem of crime and poverty in Memphis. As Councilwomen Michalyn Easter-Thomas asked in the City Council meeting, “Where is the data that shows more police is the answer to crime and poverty in our city?”

 Thanks to all of you who called, sent emails, and made your voices heard that we need to think differently about policing in our community. With your continued support, together, we can make a difference.

 Send an email and thank the Council members for representing our voice in their vote!

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