Giving them a Quality Start

I made the decision to relocate my family to Nashville from Texas to find quality education options for Gianna and George.

Now in 1st and 3rd grade, I see the growth and opportunities they had because I enrolled them in a Pre-School program. Being around other children regularly gave them social skills, exposed them to other walks of life, and taught them how to manage conflict on their own.

Gianna’s favorite part of Pre-School was having responsibility for herself and her work. She was expected to do homework, learn songs, and do other things (somewhat) on her own, which gave her a sense of independence.

Enrolling in a quality Pre-K program requires time and money, but I can’t say enough how important it was to have our children learning at a young age. In April, I’ll be going through the process again for my youngest child during MNPS Pre-K Enrollment Week.

Join me in doing the research to find and apply for the early education program that is best for your child. Together, we as parents in Nashville can advocate for quality early education programs to become even more accessible to ALL families.

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