Changing the Community Conversation

Stand has been working closely with Shelby County Schools on projects that further our four Momentum Memphis platform goals.

This spring, we brought Emily Durso, a career and technical education expert, and NAF, a national network that helps schools create high-quality career academies, to town to talk with school administrators about developing effective Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs.

We also launched the Memphis-Shelby County Discipline Reform Alignment Initiative to coordinate efforts to implement and support discipline reform, restorative practices, and preventive measures for Shelby County Schools and the greater community. Cami Anderson, founder of the Discipline Revolution Project (DRP) and former Superintendent of Newark Public Schools, made a week-long trip to Memphis and met more than 200 educators, administrators, parents, youth advocates, and stakeholders. During her visit, Cami shared ideas developed through DRP and showed us how their EQUITY Framework could be used by SCS staff, school staff, and other stakeholders to develop a culture and environment that supports students and families with new approaches to breaking the school-to-prison pipeline.

During the 2017-2018 school year, we worked with the University of Chicago’s Network for College Success to implement the Freshman On Track program in Mitchell High School and MLK Prep High School. The program is based on research findings that a network of schools committed to ensuring that freshmen are on track to graduate will have substantial impact on graduation rates and the graduation success of students. Both pilot schools are moving forward with continuing coaching and support from Stand and NCS, and we have plans to expand into up to 10 additional schools over the coming school year.

We’re pleased with the progress that has been made so far, but we are still just getting started. Check out what we’re working on now.

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