Action Alert: Help Others Make a Plan to Vote

It’s no secret that in 11 days, we will be casting our ballot in an election that will decide our way of life for the next four years. A decision that will impact the future for not only us but many generations to come.

STAND & VOTE 2020 – Sign up today to help us spread the word!

 Now more than ever, we must make our voices heard in the November 3rd election. From checking our voter registration status to knowing the nearest voting location in our neighborhoods, we must eliminate all possible obstacles that could negatively impact our voter experience within the next two weeks. We all have to make our plan to vote and stick to it!

That’s why we’re asking you to join us for our STAND & VOTE 2020: GOTV Member Phone & Text Bank! We’re going to look out for each other and ensure that everyone on our list is equipped with the information they need to make a plan to vote.

Phone banking sign-up times:

Thursday (10/22)- 6PM (Training)-8:30PM

• Friday (10/23)- 6PM (Training)-8:30PM

Saturday (10/24)-1PM (Training)-4PM

Text Banking sign-up times (Starting Next Week):

Monday (10/26)- 6PM (Training)-8:30PM 

Tuesday (10/27)10AM Training, texts throughout the day

Wednesday (10/28) 9AM Training, texts throughout the day

Thursday (10/29, Last day of early voting) 9AM-5PM

As Nov.3rd approaches, powers that be and naysayers will do all they can to discourage us from exercising our right to vote as citizens of this country. Never forget that YOUR VOTE MATTERS and that you hold power to decide how this country will operate for the next four years.

 We cannot afford to sit back and pass on our responsibility! Your voice! Your ballot!

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