A Year of Advocacy in Action

It’s been a year since, inspired by Dr. King’s legacy, we launched our Momentum Memphis campaign to mobilize our community for effective advocacy on behalf of our youth. As we reflect on this first anniversary, we find much to celebrate. 4,300 people have taken the pledge, and dedicated teams of parents, teachers, community leaders, and ordinary people have worked diligently to advance each of the four platforms. Our combined efforts have resulted in:

  • Introducing Discipline Reform Project’s EQUITY framework to education leaders and advocates throughout Memphis to create a common understanding of discipline reform and streamline efforts
  • A new community survey created by the Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline Task Force to identify personal success factors that can be effectively incorporated into school and youth programs
  • Joined partner organizations to voice community support for maintaining Department of Justice (DOJ) oversight of the Shelby County Juvenile Court

These are impressive gains, and our community momentum is still growing. Join us on November 8 and help accelerate our efforts toward brighter futures for all children.

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