A Look Back at an Effective Year

As we prepare to close out 2018 and look back on our work during this year, we find much to celebrate. Our network of passionate staff, dedicated volunteers, engaged parents, and steadfast community leaders has had some significant achievements this year. Here are just a few:

  • More than 4,300 people signed our Momentum Memphis pledge to promote youth opportunity and success.
  • We partnered with Cami Anderson and the Discipline Revolution Project to launch the Memphis/Shelby County Discipline Reform Alignment Initiative, an alignment of efforts to implement and support discipline reform, restorative practices, and preventive measures in Shelby County Schools and the greater community. 
  • Our co-hosted Fund Students First press conference and rally in June drew a strong showing of community support that helped result in the Shelby County Commission’s approval of $12.7 million in additional funding for Shelby County Schools.
  • The Memphis Educational Equity Learning Series has reached more than 300 community members with featured discussions on everything from school discipline reform to charter schools.
  • All ten of our endorsed candidates in the August 2 Shelby County general election won their respective races.
  • We expanded the Memphis Freshman Success Network to 13 local public traditional and charter schools, and have hosted two network meetings with nearly 60 educators since September.
  • Our Momentum Memphis Task Force members have been doing phenomenal work: meeting monthly to coordinate activities, attending school board meetings, contacting elected officials, organizing rallies, and generally pressing forward with the steady, hard work of improving the education environment on behalf of youth in Memphis and Shelby County. 

Our work is far from over; our staff and Task Forces have already charted the course for 2019. We will jump-start the new year with a discussion about trauma and the criminal justice system with the ACE Awareness Foundation and Michelle Kinder, Executive Director of Momentous Institute, on January 8. 

Join us in the new year and help make 2019 a banner year of change for our children.

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