English Center for High School Success Tennessee Staff

Lori Oduyoye

Director of CHSS Tennessee

Lori Oduyoye is a native of Cincinnati Ohio. Becoming an educator was a result of her life’s purpose. Although she began her journey from school to career in hopes of being a microbiologist, her purpose became crystal clear as she went along the path. She went from receiving a full academic scholarship to college to becoming a Pell grant recipient as a result of becoming a young adult mom. She then went from a corporate bank HR recruiter to a teacher with Jobs for Tennessee Grads. Her destiny to become an educator became evident when she was offered a Spanish teacher position that she was able to accept because of high school AP credits. Because she went from being an academic all- star to a single mom working her way back to independent status, she knew she had to continue the path to be an educator. Her path to becoming an educator was on purpose.

She served a dedicated employee of Memphis City Schools/Shelby County Schools for the past 23 years holding positions of classroom teacher, instructional facilitator, assistant principal, and principal. Her progressive work history is a direct indication of her dedication to strive for excellence and her passion for setting positive examples for children.

Becoming part of the Stand for Children community will provide the opportunity to extend her belief in teamwork, where all stakeholders work together to achieve the goal of improving student achievement so that children are able to excel using the natural gifts they were born with as well as the developed gifts they gain through education and high expectations. Although she has dedicated her life to education, she credits motherhood as being her most important work. She is the mother of two daughters Torrie and Morgan who continue to give her the inspiration to live her life be a testimony that benefits others.