English people & culture

Andrew Gottlieb

People & Culture Operations Manager

Andrew is a born and raised New Yorker who grew up with after school programs shaping much of his life. Through baseball and karate, he learned the importance of teamwork, discipline, respect, and fun. During his early professional career, he developed his experience in event coordination, communications, and customer service. In 2012, an opportunity to manage volunteers for the New York Organ Donor Network helped blossom an interest in Non-Profit work.

Some of his recent professional highlights include managing an after-school soccer program, providing data support for a Charter School Network, and teaching in an afterschool program. One of his proudest efforts was successfully fundraising money for the Arts & PE program of a Queens, NY school while serving on a local nonprofits board.

Andrew is excited to be a part of the movement that Stand has been a part of to foster real change in education. In his personal time, he enjoys viewing local Stand-Up comedy, organizing social meet ups, and discovering small restaurants for big feasts.