Sign the Petition to Help American Families

Last week, Stand for Children put nearly 2,000 families in touch with their representatives in Washington D.C. to talk about how the expanded Child Tax Credit has made a difference in their lives.

Many families who shared their stories have been affected by illness, disability and other major hardships that strained their finances. Thanks to the expanded CTC, these families and countless others are now able to give their children what they need to grow and thrive. But as of now, the expanded CTC is set to expire at the end of 2021.

Sign the petition today to stand with American families and tell lawmakers in Washington that you want the expanded CTC to be made permanent!

Today, advocates and champions, including members of Congress and leaders, are coming together in D.C. to call for an expanded CTC as well as paid family/medical leave, childcare, home-and community-based services for older people and people with disabilities, living wages and a path to citizenship for all care workers as part of the reconciliation package. Tune in to this event on Facebook at 12:30pm ET to hear stories that highlight the urgent need for a care infrastructure to lift businesses, families, and our economy.

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