SCS Seeks Funding Equity for Students

To tackle funding inequities and its implications, school districts across the country are shifting to student-based allocation and entrusting school leaders with the task of addressing the needs of their individual school.

In Memphis, Shelby County Schools is implementing Back2Students, a student-based budget-planning initiative that prioritizes four types of students: first-time readers, students with disabilities, students who score exceptionally high or low on state tests, and students who often move from one home to another. While Back2Students will initially only be available to specially trained leadership teams at six cohort schools, SCS has plans to ultimately implement this new budgeting method in other schools over time. It is a step in the right direction for putting students’ needs first and ensuring that all children in our community have the best possible foundation for future success.

Interested in learning more about student-based budgeting and how this will impact our students?

Join us on August 29 for an engaging panel discussion with principals and administrators to learn more about Shelby County Schools’ implementation of student-based budgeting, how it will impact students, accountability practices for school leaders, and the results thus far.

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