FSN Spotlight: Hamilton High School

Stand for Children’s Center for High School Success works with 20 high schools across Shelby County to support them in focusing on supports for students in their make-or-break ninth grade year. In its second year in the Memphis Freshman Success Network (FSN), Hamilton High School has not only increased its on-track rate from quarter 1 to quarter 2 of the current school year, they have also achieved a year over year increase of up to 25% —showing that effective implementation of our ninth grade on-track initiatives yields positive outcomes.

It’s no secret that strong leadership is vital to the success of the Freshman Success initiative, and this is evident in the attendance from Hamilton Principal James Bacchus and his full team at every Collaborative (meetings of all FSN schools) we’ve held since the launch of the FSN. The Hamilton Freshman Success Team, led by Mrs. Cicely Dunigan Brooks, can be found huddled up at each Collaborative, questioning one another on how best to apply the learning and take-a-ways they’ve gathered at this day-long professional development session. 

Mrs. Brooks meets regularly with Hamilton’s Freshman Success Coach, Dr. Nina Reed, reviewing data and discussing accountable means of adult collaboration that focus on improving student outcomes. Team Hamilton also involves parents in this initiative, holding regular parent meetings to inform parents of students’ progress, needs and other areas. Team Hamilton is fully invested in the work of freshman success, and we look forward to supporting them towards continuous measures of improvement. Check out the recognition of this great work in the Tri-State Defender.

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