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Jennifer Pawlik

Jennifer Pawlik

Arizona School Board Engagement Director

Jennifer Pawlik is the new School Boards Engagement Director at Stand for Children Arizona.
She is an Arizona State Representative and a lifelong educator.

Jennifer was born and raised in Arizona. She loves reading and knew by the age of six that she
wanted to be a teacher. For over twenty-five years, she has had the joy of teaching students
from kindergarten to graduate level. In both elementary school and at the university, literacy
has remained her passion.

Jennifer is completing her third term as a State Representative in the Arizona House of
Representatives. In that role, she served as Ranking Member of the Education Committee for
four years and was a member of the Judiciary, Government and Elections, and the Ways and
Means Committees during her tenure.

As the School Boards Engagement Director, Jennifer will be able to integrate knowledge and
skills from her experiences as an educator, a candidate in a swing district, and a legislator to
make a positive impact at the local school board level.