lead fellowship

what is lead?

The Lead Fellowship is a transformative year-long program empowering Louisiana educators to become passionate advocates for student success. The program is separated by two levels, Foundational and Advanced. Through intensive professional development, participating educators will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to:

  • Hone their craft: The program equips educators with best practices and innovative teaching strategies to elevate their classroom instruction.
  • Deepen their understanding of education: Fellows delve into current education issues, policy landscapes, and the structures that shape student learning.
  • Champion student voices: The program fosters advocacy skills, allowing educators to effectively advocate for students at the district and state level.


The LEAD Fellowship provides a foundational year grounded in learning about teacher advocacy, current issues in education, and the structures and roles throughout policy and decision-making spaces. The intended outcome for those completing the initial year is greater knowledge, confidence, awareness, and intentionality in navigating and developing teacher advocacy.


The Advanced LEADers Series is available to those who have already completed at least one LEAD Fellowship and is by invitation only. Advanced LEADers will gain a deeper understanding of key educational initiatives and execute initiatives in areas currently affecting Louisiana’s students and educators.

who can join lead?

Are you a Louisiana educator with a fire in your belly to advocate for your students and a passion to see them thrive? Do you see yourself as a leader with the potential to make a difference in the classrooms and communities of our state? If so, then the Stand For Children Louisiana Lead Fellowship is for YOU!

The Lead Fellowship is searching for dedicated teachers, counselors, instructional coaches, and other education-focused professionals who are ready to take their leadership to the next level. Ideal candidates demonstrate a strong track record of excellence in the classroom, a commitment to student success, and a desire to advocate for change. They possess a collaborative spirit and a willingness to learn innovative strategies. Do you see yourself in this description? We encourage you to apply for next year’s Lead Fellowship cohort and join a network of passionate educators working to transform Louisiana’s educational landscape!


“If one cares about the educational success of students in our state, joining the LEAD Fellowship is a must.”


“As a participant, you will walk away with a plethora of vital information that will aid in the trajectory of your career.”


2022-2023 LEAD Fellowship Year at a Glance

Both Fellowships kicks off in November and include two virtual meetings before the end of the calendar year. The LEAD Fellowship will meet on the first Wednesday of every month while the Advanced Series will meet on the second Wednesday of every month. Since every meeting builds on the previous discussions, it is important that Fellows attend every meeting. There may be pre- and/or post-work for every month’s topic.

Both Fellowships conclude in April with an in-person event full of networking, discussions, meetings, share outs, and more.

The LEAD Fellowship will be facilitated by 2018 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year Kim Eckert and the Advanced LEADers Series will be facilitated by a team of rockstar education advocates.

“This is one of the most educationally invigorating programs I have ever been involved with.”