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We call upon board leadership to take immediate action to execute a contract with Dr. Narcisse that assures our school district has the sustained, effective leadership we sorely need.

Dr. Narcisse has remained firm and clear about his desire to stay, lead, and oversee continued progress for our students and effective stewardship of taxpayer dollars.


Ensuring that the best, student-focused policies are in place so all students can reach their potential, regardless of background.

Providing opportunities for education professionals to hone their craft.

Empowering parents to organize and advocate.

Policy & Advocacy

Stand advocates for better and equal education standards for all children. Working at the local district and statewide level, Stand works to ensure every child graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in college or career.

Policy & Advocacy speaking on the house floor.
LEAD Fellowship participating at the capitol.

The LEAD FEllowshiP

The LEAD Fellowship provides opportunities for educators and administrators to hone their craft, study education, and advocate on behalf of students.

We welcome all educators to join the LEAD Fellowship If you are interested click the button to learn more.

Organizing for Change

We show up, We Speak Up, We reach out, We vote. Stand works with parents, empowering them to organize and advocate allows the community to come together with supporters who share a passion for students and educations.

Our Children Deserve The Best
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