Tell the State board: Students Need Accurate account of History

The State Board of Education is poised to vote on updates to Colorado’s social studies standards in November. A committee of educators, professors, and other experts revised the standards to align to new Colorado legislation and public feedback.

That committee faced pushback from some in the public – and some on the State Board of Education – over the number of times various groups are referenced.    A 2019 law  called for more inclusive social studies standards and lists the inclusion of information about the contributions and persecution of American Indians, Latinos, African Americans, and Asian Americans, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals within these groups. A commission of experts (the 1192 Commission) was formed as a result of this law and they made recommend updates to the standards. Now, it’s time for the State Board to accept those recommendations! 

We must ensure that efforts, fueled by misinformation, to omit teaching complete history and censure teachers do not happen in Colorado!  

When students have the opportunity to learn an accurate, fact-based account of history, it enables them to avoid repeating mistakes of the past, succeed in diverse workplaces and communities, and work toward creating a better and just society.   Schools need to be safe and supportive environments for ALL students.    Email State Board Chair Angelika Schroeder and ask her to accept the final revisions to the social studies standards by the 1192 Commission.

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