Advocates Join Stand for Day at the Capitol

This week a dozen parents, educators and community leaders joined our team for a day at the Capitol. These advocates were briefed on the latest on key policy moving through the Capitol, listened to Senate floor debate (and were even invited to sit on the Senate floor), got a tour of the Capitol and shared their policy priorities.

Here are some of the reflections that those that joined us shared about why it is important for them to be involved in advocacy at the state level.

“I am very fortunate to be here today with Stand. For many years, I have involved myself into the practices and policies of schools but I’ve never really had the opportunity to dive in and really make a difference at in the policies that are implemented at the state level. This is really what we need in order to be able to make the changes for our kids.”  Flor Orozco, parent and Stand Advocacy Fellow

“I’ve been working with Stand as a fellow and it has invited me to take up space in politics that I never really thought I belonged in or never knew the right entry point. Now because of this I fee inspired to do more community organizing to find ways that I can advocate not only for students but also for members of the queer community, and BIPOC voices. I believe that Stand is doing some incredible work.” Lauren Kinney, educator and Stand Advocacy Fellow  

“It was important for me to be here today to make sure that our representative know our priorities, take them seriously and address them in meaningful ways.” Tom Pipal, community advocate

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