Washington Staff

Devony Audet

Spokane Special Education Fellow

Devony was born and raised in Washington. She understands what it is like to need strong support systems in our schools because she almost dropped out as a Sophomore in high school. Because of a handful of teachers and support staff who believed in her, she started to believe in herself. She went on to graduate with honors from Havermale High School in Spokane, wishing to provide a future example to her two year old son that education is important even when life is difficult.

Her experience taught her the importance of fighting for kids who are falling through the cracks of our education systems. This hit close to home when her oldest son was falling through the cracks as a student in Special Education. In her journey learning to become an advocate, she found Stand for Children and is thrilled to partner with them to make systemic changes in our education systems. Devony now dedicates her time advocating for the students who receive special education services as well as educating parents on how to advocate themselves. She is passionate about inclusion and making sure EVERY student has an equal part in every classroom where they can receive a high quality and relevant education. Not despite of the fact that they have a disability, but because every child deserves the best education possible not dependent on anything but the fact that they are a student in our school system. She is a first generation college student currently enrolled in community college working towards a degree in School Psychology. 

Aside from educational advocacy Devony is married to her high school sweetheart Nick and loves being a stay-at-home mom to her three amazing kids, Jeremiah, Elijah, and Anastasia. As a family they participate in many ministries in their church and like to find new places to explore in Washington. One day she hopes to expand her passion of travel from the Pacific Northwest to explore places around the world with her husband. 

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