Washington Staff

Darcelina Soloria

Spokane Organizer

Darcelina lives in her hometown of Spokane, Washington.  Having been raised by a single parent who dropped out in eighth grade, she understood the value of education from a young age.  She is the first in her family to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.  She enjoyed her educational experience so much that she pursued a second degree; she holds degrees in Organizational Management and Accounting from Whitworth University.  In 2015, Darcelina volunteered with Washington State Charter Schools Association to rally parents and community members to advocate for public charter schools; this is where her passion for education advocacy began.  She quickly realized that parents do not know the power of their voice.  With Darcelina’s efforts and the determination of other parents across the state, the legislators passed a bill that kept Washington charter schools open.

Darcelina has two (very active) young sons and a wonderful, supportive husband.  She is the head of children’s ministry at her church and sings on the worship team.  She also enjoys making desserts for local farm-to-table events.

Prior to joining Stand, Darcelina spent nearly two decades working with individuals struggling with mental illness as the assistant director for an assisted living facility in downtown Spokane.  Darcelina has a passion for those who need advocacy and help sharing their voice. 

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