Partnering with Families

“As a principal, I’ve welcomed Stand for Children’s personalized strategies, like personally inviting parents and guardians to school forums, to let them know their collective voices matter.”

- Wendy Watson, Principal of Garry Middle School in Spokane, WA

In our efforts to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to graduate from high school prepared for college, we need to be sure that decision‑makers hear us and take action. We organize teams of parents, educators, and community members to become strong education advocates and support every student’s academic journey.

Organizing is a way to purposefully bring a large group of people together and empower them to create change. When individuals are personally impacted by certain issues they show up, speak out, and vote; these activities combined have an impact on the decision-makers. Organizers educate community members to come together as an extraordinary force for change.

To build strong teams of advocates, our organizers focus on three steps to engage communities: 

  1. Partner with parents, families and community members.
  2. Empower team leaders.
  3. Elevate community voices.

Our organizers offer workshops and programming in partnership with school districts and community organizations.We partner with families to empower them with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to support students throughout their academic journey.

Available workshops include:

  • Transitioning to High School
  • Understanding the High School & Beyond Plan
  • High School 101
  • College & Career 101
  • Financial Planning for College & Career
  • Making Summer Work For You
  • Building Grit & Persistence

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