Electing Education Champions

Andrea Cobb was the first African American woman elected to Tacoma School Board in 2015.


A large part of achieving progress in building better public schools is to ensure that the individuals in charge of education policy are making the best decisions when it comes to our children’s future.

We work to elect leaders who are deeply committed to improving educational opportunities for children and put students at the forefront of education policies. We do this through the Stand for Children Washington PAC Board, a group of state leaders, which is independent and non-partisan.

We look for candidates who believe in these tenets to building better public schools:

  • Support outstanding teachers and leaders by supporting policies regarding: evaluation system, implementation, principal empowerment, and professional development for our teaching workforce
  • Commit to closing the achievement gap by supporting policies regarding: third grade literacy and early literacy intervention and aligning graduation requirements with college and career readiness metrics
  • Prioritize education funding, including funding for: teacher and principal development, accountability, high-poverty districts, and early childhood education

Electing education champions is a key part of education advocacy. All together, we can create change.

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