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Stand for Children praises new tests results in Washington


After years of complaints from colleges and employers that Washington students were graduating ill-prepared for their futures, the state adopted the Common Core State Standards, along with more rigorous tests that better measure critical thinking.

On Monday, the district-level results of these new tests were released. And Washington students did well — though there is plenty of room for improvement.

2015 Legislative Wrap-Up


What a historic ride it has been this legislative session: 176 days, three special sessions, the longest legislative session in Washington's history, and with an additional $1.3 billion added to education spending, the largest education spending increase in 30 years.

Special Thanks

Vote for an education champion in Tacoma, vote for Andrea Cobb


When it comes to making decisions about the future of our schools, we must elect local leaders who will keep children front and center in their policy priorities.  That is why we get involved in elections by endorsing strong candidates for the Tacoma School Board.

We endorse education champions who share our desire for bold change, who will make education their top priority, who can work strategically and effectively, and who will work with the community over the long term to improve outcomes for students in Tacoma. 

Eight more nonprofits vie to open a public charter school in Washington State


Eight nonprofits have submitted a letter of intent to apply to open a public charter school in Washington through the State Charter School Commission.

May 15 is the deadline for these nonprofits to submit their full application. The commission will vote August 13 on which applications to approve.

So, what do these letters of intent reveal? As we've done in the past, let's take a closer look at some of the prospects.

Finally, some grand plans that tackle school levies


In mid-April, State Superintendent Randy Dorn, followed by Senate and House lawmakers, unveiled their own grand proposals to address the crux of the Supreme Court’s McCleary ruling: boosting funding for basic education in a reliable and sustainable way.

To do so, lawmakers must tackle the challenge of reducing school districts’ reliance on local levies, while shifting the cost burden to the State.

OPSI's Statement on Statewide Testing


The following is a statement from State Superintendent Randy Dorn on using state testing to help determine if students are on a path to success after high school:

House, Senate budget proposals prioritize education, but don’t address local district spending burden


In early April, State House and Senate lawmakers passed their respective budget proposals for the 2015-17 biennium. We want to thank our state lawmakers for prioritizing education policies that favor student outcomes and an aligned funding system.

Let’s start with what looks promising in the budget proposals:


  • House Budget Proposal: $1.4 billion

  • Senate Budget Proposal: $1.3 billion

Standing for Children in Olympia


The NCLB Waiver bill—is stalled in the House

Stand in the Community


On Tuesday evening, March 10th the State Board of Education met at Pacific Lutheran University for a Community Forum for a night of conversation with local education champions and parents.  Part of their outreach plan is to move the board meetings around to hear their  concerns about education in Washington State.

Early Start Act Passes and Protect School Funding Update


Last year, the Washington State Senate brought a bill requiring test-based student growth in teacher evaluations to the Senate floor as the last bill to be voted on before the cut-off for bills from the house of origin—a spot reserved for top priority bills. Many of us were deeply disappointed to see it fail in that floor vote.